4 Benefits of Simonton Windows

Simonton is the best replacement window for homes looking to save money and raise their property value. Holt’s Siding and Replacement in Northern Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee has the largest selection of Simonton window styles, so you can give your home the look you've always wanted. Keep reading to learn more about how your home can benefit from Simonton.


Different Styles to Choose From

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, bringing the aesthetic of your home together. That’s why Holt’s Siding & Replacement Windows offers the widest selection in Simonton window styles of any contractor in the Flintville area. Some of our favorites are the Double Hung Windows, Bay Windows, Geometric Windows, and Awning Windows. Call us today to find the style that is right for you!


Lowers Energy Bills

Drafty windows can take a toll on your energy bills as you constantly adjust the thermostat to find a comfortable setting. With energy-efficient Simonton windows, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money by keeping the heat and cold outside of your home.


Increases Property Value

Nobody wants to buy a home with old drafty windows. By having Simonton windows installed, you can increase your home's property value. When potential buyers see the beauty they add to your home and the money they save you by being energy efficient, people will be racing to make an offer.


Blocks 84% of UV Rays

Your home is full of precious items that you have either bought or been gifted over the years of owning a home. But did you know your pictures, carpets, and upholstery can all begin to fade over time due to the sun’s harsh UV rays? With Simonton windows, you can block 84 percent of these damaging rays and prolong the quality of your favorite furnishings.

Stop living with old drafty windows that fade your interior and run up your energy bill. Holt’s Siding and Replacement in the Flintville area can help raise the value of your property with the professional installation of Simonton windows. Get an estimate today!