4 Signs You Might Need to Replace Your Windows

Windows can make or break a home's value. Old drafty windows are much harder to sell than well-crafted energy-efficient ones. That’s why Holt’s Siding and Replacement Windows in Northern Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee recommends Simonton for your next home window replacement. Here are four signs it's time to replace your old windows with Simonton's.

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Feeling Cold Drafts

That cold spot you feel or the mysterious moving drape you see isn’t a sign of ghosts, it’s a sign your windows need replacing. After years of withstanding heat, cold, and humidity, your window weather stripping and seal will begin to fail, leaving you feeling the outside air even when your windows are shut tight. By upgrading to a Simonton window, you can enjoy the peace of mind of having quality craftsmanship that can withstand the changing weather.

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Excessive Window Condensation

Window condensation is typically caused by warm air coming into contact with the cool glass. This is a normal occurrence that often happens when seasons change. However, if you are seeing condensation building up between the panes of glass, it’s a sign the seals have failed and you need new windows.

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Outside Noise Pollution

Falling asleep to the sounds of nature is okay when you’re sleeping in a tent, but not so much when you’re in your home. A home window replacement may be what you need to restore peace and quiet.

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High Utility Bills

Drafty windows can raise and lower the internal temperature of your home, forcing you to constantly adjust the thermostat. In your struggle to get comfortable, your utility bills creep higher and higher. Simonton windows are the best replacement windows for improving your home's energy efficiency by keeping your internal temperature stable.

When you start seeing the signs of faulty windows, don’t wait, call Holt’s Siding and Replacement Windows. Our Simonton windows come in a variety of styles and are built to last. Get an estimate today!