Jessie McCray

Howdy Mike,

Here is our testimonial comments about Holt’s Siding Replacement Windows

If you want great customer service and quality installation of windows and doors call these folks. Their team of technicians are very knowledgeable and friendly. They provided me with an estimate and class A service that was very reasonable and didn’t break me. Simple, “You Do Not Need Much Money.” The team advised me of damages and replaced rotten wood, framing, doors, windows, sashes, dividers that allow water, flooring that was water damaged, replaced tile, and sealed cracks to prevent air leaks. A house is not a home until you let Holt’s replace your windows and doors.

A great small business with the quality that surpasses big corporations. Holt’s Rocks!

Jessie McCray

Mr. & Mrs. McNeese

About 20 years ago, Michael Holt and his dad, James Holt, put vinyl siding on our house. We have been very happy with it. The craftsmanship was superb and has been very easy to keep. The house looks as good today as when it was first put on. Without hesitation we would recommend them very highly as being good, honest and dependable people who stand by their word.

Shirley Jenkins

Dear Mike:

Thank you for the service your company provided when your team installed my double paned, energy efficient windows. The work was professionally completed in a timely manor, as scheduled. After the installation you could not tell there had been workers in my home, no debris was left behind and there was no damage.

I felt save and secure with my new windows. Your explanation of how to operate the windows was very clear, with the added bonus of knowing that the windows have a double life-time warranty.

I would recommend your company to anyone who needs windows. Believe me, you will have many more customers in the near future. Mike blessings on you and your company.

Thank you again....